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Root Strength: Yoga For Pelvic Awareness

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Do you want to strengthen and empower yourself through correct alignment and physcial engagement?  Develop awareness of your pelvic floor and learn to consciously control these muscles, why they matter and what function they serve.  The pelvic floor muscles are crucial for optimum, functioning in the body.  The pelvic floor consists of ligaments, muscles and nerves that act like a hammock to support your internal organs.  Proper work to strengthen, stabilize, stretch and soften the pelvic floor helps create correct foundations for each movement of the body.  A strong and flexible pelvic floor helps keep pelvic and abdominal organs healthy as we age.

•Apana-vayu pranayma to elongate the flow of Prana

•How to find the pelvic floor

•How to relax and release pelvic floor (20-25% of women have a chronic tightening of pelvic floor muscles!)

•Understand the connection between the pelvic floor and
root chakra

While pelvic floor health is integral for all, this workshop will be primarily focused on the benefits for female bodies.  Suitable for all levels.

When: Friday May 10, 6:00 - 8:00pm

Fee: $25/preregistration; $30 day of workshop; members 10% off

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Kayla, RYT200, completed her training through YogaWorks with trainer Angela Botta. Yoga is an avid practice in Kayla’s life, as she was first captivated by the physical improvements in her body. From years of training and development, the physical workings of her yoga practice opened a gateway to coming to terms with her mental and spiritual self. Having earned a B.S in Psychology with a sub focus in biology, Kayla values the benefits yoga has on the mental body.

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