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CENTER Yoga + Wellness is a pair of community-driven yoga studios in Clinton and Guilford, CT. We offer a full schedule of heated and non-heated classes, workshops and teacher trainings along with a curated retail selection of clothing and gear. Our goal is multifaceted - to help to build your strength, flexibility and physical well being as well as to aid in the restoration of a sense of ease, balance and clarity to your life. Our dedicated team of yoga teachers lead thoughtfully designed classes that emphasize skillful action, safe alignment, and joyful exploration which will leave you feeling balanced, empowered and centered.



647 bOSTON pOST rD.

We offer:

  • Classes and workshops daily

  • Equipment rental (scroll below for more information)

  • Restrooms

  • Complimentary WIFI

  • Filtered water

  • Free parking

  • Area to store personal belongings

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Our Mission + Name

After serving our community as pradipikaYOGA for seven years, the decision to change our name to CENTER Yoga + Wellness has been bittersweet. The sanskrit word pradipika translates as 'to illuminate' and that will always be our studio’s ultimate goal - to shine a light on your wellbeing. But as we evolved, over the years it became clear that a move towards a straight-forward, all-encompassing name was part of our path. Our team has spent ample time in contemplation, seeking clarity of purpose, and fine tuning our plans in order to make sure that this shift was in line with our community’s best interest. As we enter into our eighth year, founder, Jennifer Dahlgren, drew her focus toward the word CENTER to represent all that we are. The choice of the word CENTER rings true for our community because it represents a physical action and an embodied feeling and a sense of place. It is the action of using body and breath to come to your true center, the feeling of stillness and peace and the place from which those actions and feelings are cultivated. All of this make a simple word like CENTER the ideal choice to fully embody our mission.

Our hope is that CENTER Yoga + Wellness is a place you come home to, an action you take while you're here, and an essence you keep with you as you make your way through the world.

Our Beginnings

CENTER Yoga + Wellness (formerly pradipikaYOGA) was founded by yoga teacher and dietitian Jennifer Dahlgren in 2012.  She took a gamble and signed a lease on a small space on the shoreline to see if she could help cultivate a vibrant yoga community. Teaching after a long day working with her patients at Middlesex Hospital Cancer Center was a welcome transition to switch gears, take a pause, and provide a space for deep healing and relaxation to all who walked through the doors. Whether it was cranking up the heat in a vigorous power class or winding down in a slow, lower back soothing foundations flow, Jennifer began to connect like minded practitioners and teachers until bursting at the seams in the first studio. In 2015, the studio was relocated to a larger space in Clinton, CT to support the expanding community. Now with a gorgeous 1000 square foot studio in Clinton and a brand-new location in Guilford, we are able to offer a retail area with cozy clothes, gear and post-yoga refreshments. CENTER now hosts acclaimed teachers and authors, YogaWorks teacher trainings, specialized workshops and all-inclusive yoga vacations. From its foundation to its future CENTER Yoga + Wellness aims to be an accessible, community-driven yoga studio with an offering for everyone.

Our Boutique

CENTER Yoga + Wellness offers a curated selection of yoga clothing, equipment, refreshing beverages, nourishing treats and more in our retail boutique. Browse our selection before or after class or ask our skilled teachers and staff to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Equipment Rentals

We have rentals available of the following items for you convenience:

  • Manduka PROlite mats

  • Large yoga towels

  • Small towels

  • Manduka straps and blocks - at no charge



36 Nod Rd. Clinton, CT 06413

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Founder, Jennifer Dahlgren

Founder, Jennifer Dahlgren