We have the most exciting news!

After seven years PradipikaYOGA is becoming CENTER Yoga + Wellness. Yes, we are getting a new name, but we are still the same community-driven studio you know and love; we are under the same ownership, we have the same schedule and the same wonderful group of teachers but are entering a new year with a new, more embodied name. We are thrilled to make this shift together with you, our valued clients ; we feel that CENTER perfectly describes the heart of our studio and hope you do too. You will start to notice some changes as we gradually transition so please be patient with us; this is cause to celebrate and to ask questions so feel free to message us any time, and let us know...what helps you come back to CENTER?

We have some great plans in the works to celebrate and honor our CENTER community so be sure to stay tuned for more special announcements coming soon! 

A Little About Our New Name

After serving our community as pradipikaYOGA, the decision to change our name is surely bittersweet. The sanskrit word pradipika translates as 'to illuminate' and that will always be our studio’s ultimate goal - to shine a light on your wellbeing. But as we evolved, over the years it became clear that a move towards a straight-forward, all-encompassing name was part of our path. Our team has spent ample time in contemplation, seeking clarity of purpose, and fine tuning our plans in order to make sure that this shift was in line with our community’s best interest. As we enter into our eighth year, founder, Jennifer Dahlgren, drew her focus toward the word CENTER for the name change. The choice of the word CENTER rings true because it represents a physical action and an embodied feeling and a sense of place. It is the action of using body and breath to come to your true center, the feeling of stillness and peace and the place from which those actions and feelings are cultivated. All of this make a simple word like CENTER the ideal choice to fully embody our mission.

Our hope is that CENTER Yoga + Wellness is a place you come home to, an action you take while you're here, and an essence you keep with you as you make your way through the world.

This is cause to celebrate and to ask questions so feel free to message us any time, and let us know...what motivates you to come back to CENTER?

Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live
— Jim Rohn