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Enhance Your Practice With Wrist Assists

Find vinyasa power yoga a challenge to your wrists? Wrist discomfort is a common issue for many yoga students. You can enjoy many poses that place weight and pressure on the wrists including down dog, plank, & up dog once you learn modifications. Yoga is all about making the practice work for you & to meet you where your body is at any moment - so learn some new tools to play with on the mat!

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn about wrist anatomy and alignment
  • Practice wrist warm ups
  • Deconstruct poses to discover wrist modifications
  • Enjoy a flowing yoga practice & soothing wrist stretches

Students with chronic wrist pain or injuries should consult a doctor. All are welcome. If your wrist pain is current and intense you can observe poses and learn by watching instead of doing any poses that may be contraindicated at the time.

When: January 30th, 2:00-4:00pm

Fee: $20, members receive an
additional 10% off



Kim brings 16 years of teaching experience and over 35 years of practice. Her teaching incorporates mind, body, and spirit with a holistic approach based on personal training, pilates, and yoga. In 2003, Kim began teaching yoga and found her true calling bringing all her interests and skills together. She earned her yoga teacher certification in the viniyoga style. Since moving to Connecticut, Kim has lead yoga classes in the area and also volunteers as the Director of Childhood Cancer Kids which gives yoga care packages to children with cancer.