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Daily practice for detox and transformation: 6:00-7:15 AM Monday to Friday

Join Aixa for a playful exploration of ashtanga yoga, an invigorating vinyasa practice designed to align the body and train the mind.   In this 5 day journey you will:

  • explore and practice breath and inner awareness
  • learn technique, proper body positioning & alignment
  • use this powerful, yet calming practice to cultivate vitality, strength & balance

Class is open for beginners as well as those on the path looking to deepen their practice.

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Note: Room will be warm 80-85 Degrees to support your practice. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class. Be hydrated, with an empty stomach and bring a towel. Get ready to enjoy, sweat and release!!

Ashtanga yoga is an ancient healing system rooted on linking rhythmic breathing with specific postures. This dynamic process creates internal heat, which oxygenates, flush and revitalizes the body at the cellular level. The foundations of Ashtanga Yoga are Breath, Bandhas (energy locks), Vinyasa (syncing breath/movement) & Drishti (steady gazing). Cultivating these skills will help sharpen our senses and develop inner awareness. With practice, this powerful moving meditation will calm the mind; strengthen the body and nourish the nervous system.


Aixa L Belville, RYT200 

Growing up as an athlete Aixa's body became tight and out of balance. In her quest for healing through Yoga since 1999, she gravitated to breath and core centered practices. She believes that by connecting and moving from center, Yoga can help us, not only be in the present moment but, become strong and resilient, both on and off the mat. Aixa's training includes Forrest Yoga, Resistance Stretching, Core Strength Vinyasa, Ashtanga Yoga and Thai Yoga Bodywork. Her intention with these practices is to help people connect with their physical and energetic body and how it relates to the world. Aixa is ever so grateful for all the teachers that inspire her in this journey. Classes are challenging, fun and light hearted, rooted on breath, core-strength and proper alignment. Great for healing/preventing injuries and finding your flow.

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