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donation based family YOGA

Come and enjoy playful yoga class for the whole family that promotes fun and support great cause to benefit Connecticut Sports Foundation, which helps families that deal with financial hardships that often follows a cancer diagnosis. Cancer becomes a financial burden to so many every day. Jobs placed on hold; mortgages unpaid; increased medical co-pays, etc. Patients and their families should never have to worry about going hungry or being evicted from their homes during treatment.

Meet Supergirl Chloe, who is an 8 year old with Downs Syndrome and has been bravely battling leukemia for almost a year. Energetic and feisty, she has endured several rounds of chemotherapy and countless procedures. Through it all, Chloe's strong will, charm, and silliness help her and her entire family as they journey towards Chloe's recovery. 

100% of all proceeds will go directly to Chloe and her family.

WHEN: FRIDAY, MARCH 17, 6:00 - 7:00PM

FEE: Donation can be made in form of check or cash




RYT200, Sue started coming to yoga five years ago after surviving cancer. She attributes her great health to her yoga practice which changed her life for the better and believes everyone can benefit from yoga! Sue focuses on creating a safe and welcoming environment, teaching a step-by-step approach while reminding students of their own breath and to listen to their bodies during practice.