As a RYT 200, certified through Tiny Buddha Yoga in Ann Arbor, MI, Emily is determined to teach yoga that empowers. Her classes utilize powerful flows to create energetic physical alignment as well as a clear mind and joyful heart. Emily believes in the healing power of yoga and is passionate about sharing the practice in a way that feels accessible to every person. Yoga has been a source of strength and therapy in her life and a reminder that none of us is alone in their struggles, nor on their journey to rise above them. Emily invites students to show up to class exactly as they are and to trust that they have remarkable purpose, bravery, and support within themselves. Her classes will challenge you but, at the same time, give you permission to be kind and gentle to yourself. Having had her own struggles with body image, Emily aims to create a space of body positivity and liberation from oppressive ideals for how we should eat, exercise, and look. Outside of the studio, Emily has two young children, writes, loves fashion, music, and reading or listening to anything having to do with true crime. She is filled with gratitude for the opportunity to do this as both a teacher and a student.